What Do You Dream?

Have you ever had mysterious dreams? Ever think your dreams may have a connection to the aspirations we call dreams. I don’t think it’s accidental. Dreams have power.

I was 18 and learning the trade of auto body repair. Body work has many different skills to master. I remember dreaming of the the difficulties of the task. The next day I had the right technic to make the repair. I think our aspirations are affected by dreams.

Dreams point out what is lacking inside us. A bear appeared in one of my dreams. I was afraid and ran away. Situations at work were troubling me. The problem was within me, fear. We are our own best interpreter of our dreams. My dream intuition helped me recognize and confront my fears. The next night I dreamed I had a bear skin draped over my shoulders, a mantle. The fear was gone and trouble at work slowly began to change.

Elias Howe, the man attributed with inventing the sewing machine, got the idea to put the eye of the needle near the point from a dream. Warriors in his dream had spearheads that were pierced. In 1965 after playing in Clearwater Florida, Keith Richards woke with a guitar riff and the lyrics, “can’t get no satisfaction” in his head. He recorded it on a portable tape recorder and went back to sleep. A big hit for the Rolling Stones came from that. Many songs have come from dreams.

A woman like a second mother, dear to my wife passed away in Florida. We were in North Carolina at the time and she missed seeing her before she died. My wife was distressed for months because of it. She came to her in a dream that was real to her. That eased my wife tremendously.

Living in Dunedin Florida I worked with a former scientologist. Through him I got interested in Dianetics. My wife and I were trying the concept. We later had a dream where we both were awakened at the same time. I ask what was wrong. She said, “I saw an evil person or spirit coming in the window.” I responded, “Which window.” We both dreamed the same dream and saw the same entity trying to enter the same window. Spooky.

My cousin died. The night after I visited the funeral home, I had a dream. I heard his wife call his name loudly in despair. I was on my feet and headed toward the direction of the voice when my wife stopped me. It was very real.

Lastly there is one type of dream, a pleasure to all. Nocturnal Emissions or the equivalent occur in both males and females. Dreams of sexual activity end with evidence as if it were no dream. There are many types of dreams. They are a part of our inner life.

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