No Choice, the Parties Select Candidates and Platform

The two parties select the Presidential Candidates, the Vice presidential Candidates and their platform.

I wonder if our votes ever really elected a president. I think the master magicians of the world select the rulers. Now you’re thinking, Hargrove forgot to take his medicine. Relax, let’s look at our voting system.

We have never directly voted for a president or vice president. It’s called an “indirect vote.” We vote for a “slate” of members of the Electoral College. A slate is a group of candidates supporting the same platform.  When we say we’re voting for the man and not the party, we are wrong. It’s the platform and we don’t decide on it. What were our founding fathers thinking? 

The Founding Fathers feared a true Democracy

Our founding politicians were afraid of a democracy with a popular vote. One group could join together with one idea and vote it into being. A republic with representative votes could still be controlled. I think the same thing had gone on for centuries in Europe and was going on in the governing fathers’ heads. Us and Them. They may say, “We need to make it look like they have a say in the government. We can’t let them have a voice. They’re a mob. How will we be able to tax the people, send their sons to war, and make them pay our salary. We must have control or We will be working for Them.”

There is history here in North Carolina of revolution. Angry taxpayers marched on the colonial courthouse at Hillsborough in 1768. This was during the Regulators Movement, 1765-1771. The Regulators tried to get the judge to try the cases they held on their leaders. Fearing the outcome the judge adjourned the court and fled into the night. They rioted. Regulators destroyed property, vandalized the courthouse and beat the lawyers. They destroyed one corrupt lawyer’s house. The mob burned the judge’s stables and barn  and they  picked his house apart. No political official would ever want that to happen to them.

Chatham County was restoring the burned courthouse last year. This North Carolina courthouse, built-in 1881, held the secret of a tunnel exiting the judges’ chambers. It seems that well over 100 years after The Regulators Movement and the Revolution the officials still thought they needed protection from the population. Why do our rulers seem distant and fearful of the populace. The answer may come from the late Harold Brooks-Baker.

The Ruling Families

Ever heard of  “The Most Royal Candidate Theory.” Many think It’s no theory. Harold Brooks-Baker was the director of publishing for “Burke’s Peerage Partnership.” This is “a publisher of authoritative, in-depth historical guides to the Royal and titled families of the United Kingdom.” It seems very important to keep up with this class system, of Royal bloodline. Brooks-Baker says that every U.S. President since George Washington can have their bloodline traced back to various European Royals. The bloodline of at least 33 presidents descend from Alfred the Great and Charlemagne. Candidates with the best pedigree rule. The 13th amendment  to the Constitution says anyone holding public office cannot hold a title. They must renounce their title or lose their citizenship. That may explain why royalty is covert in our high officials. British troops attacked and burned the White House during the War of 1812. Destroyed in the fire was the missing 13th Amendment. Someone replaced this Amendment with a different 13th Amendment later. Some copies of the original have showed up in a few states in recent years.

The Formula That Keeps The Royal Elites in Control

Could this be a reason for the complicated election process? The primaries and caucuses were not in the Constitution. The States hold these to vote for a Candidate to represent their party. These Primaries are also “indirect elections.” In some states the voters are voting to award delegates who are “bound” to vote for a candidate. In other states the voters are simply expressing an opinion. The state party has no obligation to follow the desires of the voters. In the Republican Primaries states that don’t bind their delegates are: Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, North Dakota, Guam, The Mariana’s, The Virgin Islands, Samoa, Puerto Rico, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia and Montana. Democratic primaries are not obligated to consider the votes for delegates in: Iowa, Nevada, Florida and Minnesota.  That’s twelve states, Republican and Democrat that can’t vote for their candidate, even indirectly. The Territories can cast their opinion in the primary but can’t vote for President. Both parties now have super-delegates. Guess what. We don’t vote for them. The party selects them. 

Who are these “super-delegates” we hear about? They are current or former party leaders, including Senators, Representatives, Governors, Presidents, Vice Presidents and Convention Chairmen. These represent 15% to 20% of the delegates and are not pledged to vote for anyone. There are also provisions for add-ons. Remember the remark I made about master magicians. It takes a magician to come up with all this. We get to vote once at the election, “indirectly.” At the conventions they keep voting over and over until they get their desired result.  Maybe they are trying to decide who has the most Royal Blood. How could a political outsider ever get into office.

I know there are local politicians with a desire to change things for the better. I’m writing about the elite. The magicians. Those who control everything and keep those under them on a continual snipe hunt.  If I were responsible for allowing the National debt to rise so that my great-grandchildren will never get it paid, responsible for sending sons and daughters to a foreign country to get killed or mangled for no clear reason, responsible for heaping more and more taxes on people’s lives, then I would be looking for some magic. A plan to blind the public so they couldn’t see what I am doing to them.



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