It’s All in the Stars….er….The Planets

The Stars and Planets Affect Us

When I was growing up many people relied on the Farmer’s Almanac. They observed the moon, and which body parts the signs were in. This dictated the planting of gardens and care of the farm animals. My grandmother always had a calendar given her by a local business that had good and bad fishing days indicated on it. Those days always seemed right. This all has its roots in astrology.

Astrology is in almost every culture in the world. Many of these cultures seem to have nothing at all in common, except astrology. The Bible in some places condemns it, in other places explains it. If I ignore the generalizations of the daily  horoscopes. I  look at my natal chart based on my time and place of birth. I then  see my personality. Is my life controlled by it?
June 11th I broke my wrist at work. About a week later we went to the beach for three days with my daughter’s family. While we were gone there was a break in. They stole my computer and some jewelry that had belonged to our parents. In July I had surgery  for a Hiatal Hernia which went absolutely perfect until the next day. I wasn’t supposed to have any solid food for two weeks. A Resident Surgeon told me I tolerated the broth well so he had regular meals sent to me. I had finished my second meal by the time my surgeon made his rounds at noon. He was upset. I was having chills but no fever. I think I was going into shock. My chills and severe pain didn’t subside until the wee hours of the morning when the food passed out of my stomach. I hear  bad things come in threes.
By now I’m wondering if  I need an exorcist. Maybe I could have some “Root Work” done. Maybe there’s something in the stars. I decide to consult YouTube. I find something about a full moon lunar eclipse in my 9th house. Meaning an eclipsing out of something in my life, a time to move on. June the 5th Venus is transiting the sun in my third house. This happens in pairs. The first was June 2004. This only happens in my sign every 243 years, wow. On the 21st Uranus is square Pluto. This signals a period of change. Transforming of things and people. The old order is falling away. Pluto is in my 10th house of career. This means conflict and change. On the 25th Saturn is direct my 7th house. What the astrologist says after this is telling. In summing it all up the she says, “I wish you a dynamic” then she chuckles, “and empowering June.”  Considering all this. The thoughts of change, career, eclipsing out, conflicts, Has caused me to go over the things that have happened. Everything that appears bad on the outside is not bad. I’ve found a desire that was hidden deep within me. The desire to write. 
The Eagle’s Renewal
I received an e-mail from a friend about the eagle. The eagle can live for 70 years. The decision is his if  he expects to reach this age. In their 40s their talons have grown long and flexible. They can no longer hold to their prey. The beak grows long and bent. Feathers on the wings become heavy and thick and stick to their chest  making it difficult to fly. The eagle will either die or go through the ordeal of change. This change is a process that lasts about five months. Nesting high on a mountain top they break their beak off by bashing it against the rocks. When a new beak grows back it’s used to pluck out the talons. New talons grow back. Now they can grasp their prey. New flight feathers replace those the eagle plucked out. When this change lasting 150 days is over the eagle is reborn. He soars high again and lives for 30 more years.


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