Animals Totems, Teachers from the Universe for the Inner Self.

Teachers For The Inner Self

What are animal totems? When do they show themselves? What are their messages? Do they guide our life?  Are they real animals?

Animal totems are superstition. That’s what I once thought. The Bible was my quest, I craved its mysteries but I found a problem. Many different denominations and a few religions are products of the Bible. One holy book, many varieties and variations. Is the Bible literal or figurative? Reading literally leaves many inconsistencies. Viewed as allegory I can explain many different views. Noble Bible teachers have learned from teachers, taught by teachers. These teachers learned from teachers taught by earlier teachers. These are men learning from men. I believe, deep within us is a spark from our creator to guide us. It’s us, our inner self. That spark will show us the truth in the Bible, truth in the creation.

Coincident Occurrence

Tidings from the universe is what Carl Jung called synchronicity, “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.” A book may open to a page with information you desperately need. You may start seeing the same phrase everywhere you look. With this knowledge I began paying more attention to my surroundings. Freakish events can occur.

Home from work I pulled the truck into the car port. A white wolf was waiting behind my other car. The wolf walked in front of my headlights, circled my truck and slipped into the night. I felt fear and unbelief. Wolves aren’t in Central North Carolina. Are they? Maybe someone in the neighborhood has a dog resembling a wolf. I had a close-up of the animal. Size and color matched perfectly with pictures on the internet. It wasn’t a pet. I saw it two days later in daylight six miles away. He stood in a field near the road on the other side of the river. His gaze followed me as I passed.

A message from a totem animal, from creation to me. When wolf enters our lives he teaches us inner strength, power and intuition. The religious beliefs I held made me left-brained and logical. I needed balance. My right-brain where intuition lives was dying. I got the message. Wolf is now in my life. A different animal soon arrived to help with trouble I was having at work.

Help to Release Fear

The injustice at work followed me home. It stalked my dreams and so did my next messenger. I stand on the edge of an east-west path through a forest looking to the east. A brown bear emerged from the tree-line with his rump covered in earth, the signal of a completed hibernation. I hear a voice from the one standing to my right, “bear!” I run as fast as I can and don’t look back. The path worn and hollowed out is damp with no leaves on it. I run until the path exits the forest. I see a large expanse of open sky and bright sunlight. The dream is complete. The message received. I have to face my fears. The lesson from wolf is inner strength and power. I decide inside myself to no longer be ruled by fear. The next night I dreamed again. I stood in a cave, The table against the dirt wall had four containers on it. I had a bearskin covering my shoulders. I knew this was a mantle. Mantle is a word from much Bible study, a vesture worn by priests. The bear totem carries the power of introspection. He gives the power to go inside us and find the answer. A month later I dream of a white wolf crossing a field then standing and looking at me. A dream dictionary I read online says a white wolf is a symbol of victory.

Home At Last

I moved back to Chatham County and into the house of my childhood. My parents had passed. This was my inheritance. Back after 20 years to Central North Carolina. The land my ancestors had inhabited for two hundred years. We were on the front porch with friends. A bird lit in the driveway a hundred feet away. Waddling and walking pigeon-toed, The bird is a pigeon. We watched it walk to the steps, climb them and walk over to me. The bird didn’t stop until my shoe was a perch. This a Messager pigeon with a message. I searched the internet. My lesson of home and family. The house I live in wasn’t mine. It had always been my parents. I am able to make it mine now and accept my heritage. Thanks pigeon.

Animals have made me more aware of my inner self. I have had more occurrences with animals that teach me transformation. The most recent is spider. With the teaching from spider I hope to learn to write creatively as I embark on new beginnings.

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