About Me

I think it is finally time for this introvert to speak out about some of the things I’ve kept insideĀ all these years. I have searched for the truth for many years, In many places. Everyone seems to have their own truth. Be honest, we can find the answer we want to hear if we ask enough people. I don’t desire for everyone to be identical. I think we need to be individuals. A person has to awake to their own truth. I have learned to go within myself for my answers.

I’m a son of Chatham County,N.C. I live in an area known as Mudlick in my grandparents time. That’s where the name of my website came from. I have returned to the house I grew up in after my parents passed. At my age I reflect on a lot things I’ve experienced. I hope anyone that reads what I’ve written will consider it wisdom.

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