A Break Gives a Break…

A Broken Wrist Gives Me A Break From Routine

June 11, 2012 I fell from a ladder while repairing dents in the roof of an SUV. I called it a broken wrist. In “medical Roman,” (I thought Hippocrates was Greek) It is a distal radius compression fracture. It is also intra-articular.

I know, WTMI. Way too much information or not, It has hurt every day since June 11th. As I write this it’s nearing the end of September. I have not only been out of work all this time, I also had to stop my hobby. It’s hard to make pottery on a wheel without two strong hands. I can’t seem to get enough sleep. I guess at my age my body needs more rest to heal itself.

Tomorrow is my last week of occupational therapy. I start something called work hardening therapy soon. I’ve gotten used to staying home. I was also feeling useless so I took up housekeeping. My Marine Corps training is coming in handy. I handle linen survey, mess duty, swab the decks, clean the shitter, (I don’t have a pisser) and serve my wife pogy bait around twenty, hundred hours. If you are wondering why my wife doesn’t help more with the housework, It’s because I spoil her that way. No really she slipped in the kitchen and broke her leg. Now we both have broken bones.

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